About Wiffle Ball

What is Wiffle Ball?

The game of Wiffle® ball has been played in the backyards, school yards and vacant lots of America for over 50 years. What began as way for a dad to stop his son from breaking all his windows with a baseball, the Wiffle® ball and bat soon became a part of almost every boy’s backyard toy chest.

Moonshot™ Wiffle® BatBoys would form teams, play against their brothers, best friends or simply pretend to be their favorite baseball hero as they hit the game winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth in game seven of the World Series.

The Wiffle® ball is now an American icon. You can’t even say its name without bringing a smile to a 45 year old who remembers when he was the king his neighborhood or playground.

In recent years the game of Wiffle® ball has exploded thanks mostly to the introduction of the Internet. More people than ever before are playing plastic. Hundreds of web sites have emerged dedicated solely to the ball with the eight ovals in its top. Pages and pages of information instructing the viewer how to throw different pitches, what the best rules are and where to find people and places to play.

All around the country leagues, associations and tournaments have been popping up left and right. You can now play Wiffle® ball in some organized fashion in all 50 states. You can even play in a Wiffle® ball tournament every Saturday in the summer if you wanted.

Players can now compete for money, trophies, and sometimes just for bragging rights like in the old backyard days.

Organizations such as The Golden Stick Wiffleball League (GSWL) have created a standardized set of rules covering the entire country all leading to a National Championship tournament held each year. The GSWL has regional tournaments and prizes for the best teams. If you are looking for a more competitive way to play Wiffle® Ball, you might want to check GSWL out!

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